Rev Helen’s blog – March 2019

Lent is fast approaching and this is the time when we examine our hearts and minds and maybe make changes. Traditionally it is about fasting but a new approach is to take something up. We are also blessed with forty day challenges to make a difference. Each of us will discover our own way and what works for us because we are all different however I challenge you to making something different in your life during Lent and be open to be surprised by God. Just as the fishermen who witnessed the miraculous catch when they thought things were impossible, when they were downhearted and discouraged may you be opened to the wonder of Jesus in the everydayness of your life.

As a Methodist Circuit we have been given the words to guide us. These are;
Pray …..Love …..Learn …..Go …..Grow

Everything should begin with prayer. We are called to love God with all our hearts and minds and everything in us and love our neighbours as we want to be loved. We are called to listen and learn what God is asking us to do and to learn from mistakes we make and have our minds renewed. We are called to grow in holiness or more simply become more like God intended us to be and to deepen our understanding of the world and build relationships. We are called to go and make disciples, or simply put encourage others to become friends and followers of Jesus. We will only have the courage to do this if we have walked the road and followed the path and have stories to tell.

So may you in your seeking and following and journeying through Lent be drawn closer to the one who loves you and who gave his life on the cross.

May your lives be centered on praying, loving, learning, growing and going, then the world will experience abundant life and love that encompasses everything.

Every Blessing