Rev Helen’s blog – June 2019

The Methodist Church Website says this:-

“We are at the beginning of a dynamic new Church-wide focus on evangelism as a crucial dimension of our mission and ministry in 21st century Britain.

“Evangelism” comes from a biblical Greek word that literally means “good news”.

We believe that God has called all of us to speak, live, and listen for the Good News of Jesus Christ in the world.”

At our recent Synod the connexional evangelism officer Trey Hall encouraged everyone to rather than use the scary word of evangelism but instead to consider simply telling our real and earthy stories. He explained that we need to share our everyday life stories and how our faith impacts on the real situations of life. In this one to one sharing there is a great opportunity to touch God. This is true authentic evangelism and is less fearful that thinking we should all be evangelists.

So my challenge over the next month is for you to practise telling your faith story.

Our theme for the month of June is “Go!!”  wouldn’t it be fab if your story telling began a chain reaction.

If we are loving, faithful, and authentic in sharing our experience of Jesus in our lives then the story of the miraculous catch of fish when Jesus appeared to his disciples will become alive to us as we will find that Jesus provides the catch.

This is the potential for the church to grow as it did on the first Pentecost when we share good news.

Happy Birthday, Church!! May the Holy Spirit be with you.