Rev Helen’s blog – July 2019

Dear friends

Summer is here! Well that is what our calendar tells us. Our word for this month is GROW and the gardens are full of growth and life. The weeds are prolific too. I have been struck by some powerful words from local preacher Stephen Ashworth regarding the fact that he sees God as a mathematician. He said” Our God is a God of numbers”. It was pointed out that he is a catalyst for multiplication whether it be going out as the 72 two by two or the miracle of the feeding of the 5000.

If church and faith are to grow it involves nurture, food and the right conditions.

When Jesus broke the bread he began a chain reaction. It all began with a group of tired hungry men who were incredulous that they had been asked to feed the crowd when all they really wanted to do was walk away. Yet they became the miracle makers. They became the ones who instigated growth from what they had. This of course was the little boy’s lunch. Is this not enough to convince us to give the little we have in the knowledge that Jesus then begins the miracle in us.

Let’s pray that this growth begins from now.

Let’s ask God to use what we have and truth be known and told we do have so much.

This calls us to greater things than we can ever imagine.

Let’s believe it and then we will see it for that is God’s promise as we see time and time again in the Bible story.

Enjoy the summer days and watch and wait for spiritual growth in you and the church as a body of people called and named as people of God.

Every Blessing