Rev Helen’s blog – November 2019

I am writing this the day before I attend the Methodist Evangelism Conference when 250 Methodist folk will begin to look at strategies for growing our church or at least that is what I think will be happening. Maybe God has other ideas. I want to take this opportunity to reflect again on the story of the woman at the well. This story for me holds many thoughts and challenges.

Firstly that we all need to visit the well and sit with Jesus, but how difficult that often is. The Samaritan woman faced the prejudices of the folk around her and those she lived with. Her past experiences caused her to hide away and isolate her from community. She would have struggled in the heat of the day, but also with her inner feelings. We do know that she needed physical water but we also learn that she need much more. How good are we at expressing our needs to Jesus? And how often do we cause distractions in order to avoid the questions? The woman tried to distract Jesus from highlighting the truth of her life by asking where she would be best worshipping!

There are so many things that distract us, getting in the way of a deeper relationship with Jesus, but she did glimpse the opportunity and went away changed – leaving her old life, represented by the water jar she left behind. The challenge then to us is dare we risk it? Look what happened as she was used by God to begin the ripple effect of telling the whole town the good news. Could it be that he wants to use you? You too are invited to sit at a well.

Where do people go to find their wells? Where do they gather?

Should we be seeking these wells out and sitting by them in order to speak the gospel to those who come looking for something but then may find they go away having found a missing piece from their jigsaw of life?

I am also struck by the notion that the one who did the evangelism was the one who dared to step out. How can we help and encourage people who come to the wells for the practical things to go away with the spiritual which they then use to tell the world what god has done for them?

May we be ones who find the wells where we can share Jesus