Corona Virus – need to cancel events and services 17th March 2020

Dear friends,
We are living in challenging and difficult times. In view of this The Methodist Church has made the decision that all acts of worship have been suspended, along with church meetings and activities.
It is hoped that we will be able to open particular churches at different times for people to go and pray.  However, this will depend on Government guidance. We will let you know if this is arranged.

In summary we must stop all church-organised activities, including groups that work with children.
These measures will have a profound impact on all of us and it is vital that we hold each other in prayer and make sure we continue to care for one another. It will be especially important that our Pastoral Visitors spend time regularly ringing the people on their lists and we as ministers will be in touch via phone, email etc and would love to hear from you, if you phone us.

We will remember you in our prayers and will work to keep our church family together. 
God bless you and those you love. Rev Ruth Jackson, Superintendent Minister.