Rev Helen’s blog – Easter

It is unimaginable that it is the one year anniversary of our online services as I write this and as we step into Holy Week.

Our opening to Easter worship features a morning sunrise films over lake Galilee when I was there.

The experience is very memorable . As the sun rises the cacophony of the birdsong quietens and the glow of the sun beams across the lake and dances on the waves. It is peaceful and beautiful as you sit on the end of a small jetty contemplating and reflecting with no one else but you there.

This takes me to Easter morning.

Last week as the basis for my whole message I used a blessing that suggests as we step into Easter week we allow ourselves to be transformed and let the Easter light be born in us.

This is part of the Easter message, we must allow God to execute changes in us and our lives, our churches and extend into community to bring about change there too.

As life slowly unfurls following lockdown we will be tempted to go back to what is familiar. Jesus’s disciples went back to fishing after Jesus’s death it was there that they began to learn that as Easter light had dawned and about  what they had to do. It was not the same as before.

There are so many people who have not heard about Jesus so many who have misconceptions about what being a Christian is all about.

Surely during our times of waiting patiently we have all thought about what is important. Our lives have been turned upside down and inside out.

Peter in his encounter with Jesus on a seashore learned he was not back where he started but on a different trajectory to be a fisher of people .

In order to do this we perhaps have to do things differently take risks. The most significant reminder for me is Jesus told Peter to feed his sheep .

What does this mean for you?

What part will you play in this great commission that comes out of the Easter light?

Remember too Pentecost is on its way ..We are not alone.

Every Blessing

Rev Helen