Rev Helen’s blog – February 2020

Dear Friends

We are now in the season of covenant and renewing our promises to God. Some of you may have made New Year resolutions though they seem out of vogue. However it is good to have new beginnings and new ways forward. As seasons change it is part of the rhythm of life so if we take the pattern of nature then our lives should also continually be renewed and refreshed.

The Methodist covenant prayer says “put me to what you will” and also we are really challenged when we state “put me to suffering….let me have nothing….etc “

This year I linked the service with the reading from Philippians where Paul speaks of church and its people being a fragrant offering for Jesus. I wonder how can we be fragrant offerings during 2020?

What does this mean in practice?

When we put on perfume or after shave, we enjoy the scent but then hopefully the fragrance is enjoyed by others.

This is the challenge to commit ourselves one again to serving God and remembering the love he has for us so that others sense a difference in the way we present ourselves and live out our Christian discipleship.

As I write this article it is during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and its theme is one of unusual or extraordinary kindness. Could this be one way as a church community, that in our living we are the ones who offer this unusual kindness? Even when we don’t feel like it, even when we are weary, even when we feel we have nothing to give. Jesus was the one who demonstrated this to us throughout his ministry.

Happy New Year