Rev Helen’s blog – September 2020

Dear Friends

I greet you again still  in difficult times with a message of hope.

I have recently had a conversation about what is real and our need for the real and not the virtual?

The real question is what do we mean by real? I guess this means being present, experiencing physically, touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and seeing live rather than imagining and being creative in our interpretations.

It led me to the story of the Velveteen Rabbit where a toy rabbit has been thrown on a bonfire as it was the onky thing to do to decontaminate following the illness of its child owner who nearly died from Scarlet Fever. Just when the end came the toy rabbit leapt from the bonfire heap and became alive, that is, real.

A real rabbit appeared. Once while I was giving a sermon I used this story and held a toy rabbit in my hand and threw it on the floor. Then I heard murmurs around the church for incredibly a real rabbit was indeed touring the car park. Now that was unnerving and quite prophetic it was as if God was saying to the congregation, see this is real, you can rise from the ashes, you can live again. All will be well 
even when you think it is over.

Being reminded of this story again at this point on our pandemic journey is another reminder from God to us that we will live again however desperate we might feel at this time. I would invite you to look around and let God speak in images to you of things that are real now, the blessings that are indescribable, uncontainable and rich in wonder and that do give us hope for tomorrow.

I also have a hunch that some of these can also be found in the virtual as we continue to search for those glimpses of God that feel real.

Every Blessing continue to stay safe