Sermons and reflections

A reflection for Advent that was shared during our worship, Sunday 8th December.

Is there something you are particularly looking forward to at the moment?
Perhaps some of us are looking forward to the excitement of Christmas morning, perhaps others are dreading it or stressed about not being ready yet.

Whatever we feel about Christmas, and all the gifts and food and family meals and crackers and hats and Santa Claus and fairy lights – however we respond to that – Christmas only really exists because of the amazing Christian story that hardly ever makes it onto the front of Christmas cards anymore!

It is worth pausing, this morning, as the countdown to Christmas continues, to remember that and to recognise what it means for us. The most exciting thing, the real message about Christmas, is that God is interested in us, right here and now.

That’s what lies at the heart of the story of a little baby Jesus, born in a poor, refugee family and laid in a manger. The message is: God came and lived with us. And God continues to do that – perhaps not as obviously, perhaps not with all the fanfare of angel music and wise people travelling hundreds of miles… but God is here all the same.

Too often, the Christian message is presented as something that is about the ‘after life’, or what happens when we die. Christmas reminds us that God doesn’t just wait in heaven to see us when our life here is over. Rather, God comes amongst us.

This year, as you get excited about the gifts and the family time, let’s also remember the amazing miracle of Christmas – God became a human being, and walked around this world, like we do. God is not as far away as we might think.