Worship for Sunday 22nd November

Call to worship

As the darkness of winter draws in – as the coldest time of the year approaches – as we close our doors and turn up our heaters, Come, Lord of light, Come, God of the warm embrace, Come to us, Immanuel, God with us. Amen

Opening Prayers

Let us prepare ourselves – For the encounter – For worship – For the Spirit to come amongst us. In our preparations, we are sorry.

Lord, I have fallen short, I am sorry. In our preparations, we encounter grace.

Lord, I know I am forgiven, loved and set free. In our preparations, we give thanks for all we have received.

Lord, today I am thankful for so much. In our preparations, we praise and adore you, for you are the God of all things.

Lord, I praise you, for you are an awesome God. In our preparations, we still our hearts and listen for your word to us. Be still with me a while?


Unfortunately the audio files for the bible readings and a reflection on the readings are unavailable. You can view text versions below (also available via the weekly email newsletter)



Prayers of intercession.

During our prayers of intercession today, we invite you to read a few short reflections, and then pause. We invite you to bring your own prayers, thoughts and reflections to God. If it’s helpful, you might like to get a notebook and pen or pencil to write or draw your ideas and thoughts as you pray. Otherwise, you might like to close your eyes to avoid distractions. Let us pray.

Christ our King, enthroned on the cross bearing insults and torments, by your pain and your story, may true peace reign.

Bless and guide your body, the Church, that we may exalt you and share in the inheritance of the saints in light.

Christ our King, you endured the scoffing of leaders and ridicule from bystanders. Rescue us from the grip of darkness and cynical abuses of power. Strengthen all who strive for justice and peace.

Christ our King, still our hearts to know your presence and share your peace. Bring us to declare that you are our righteousness.

Christ our King, in lonely agony you bore the pains of the world. Be with all who are desolate and afflicted, whose world is shaken. Be a present help, O Lord, in times of trouble and give courage and strength to all who live in fear.

We bring these, and all our prayers, in Jesus’ name. Amen

We go from this place, inspired by your message of inclusivity Lord God. We go to welcome all people, to make space for all things. We go to do all that we can, in the name of love. Amen.