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Learning in Lent

An invitation into God’s Story as we journey in and through Lent based on 40 days in the story by Phil Norris, River Publications.

Week 1: ‘Sinai in need of God’s grace’, Exodus 1-8, 16-19, 20 v 1-2

Tuesday 16th February 1:30pm, Wednesday 17th February 7.30pm

Week 2: Joshua and Jericho ‘Stuck in the circumstances of life’ Joshua 5 v 13 – 6 v 27

Tuesday 23rd February 1:30pm, Wednesday 24th February 7.30pm

Week 3: Judges and the request for a king, 1 Samuel 8 v 1-10, 19-22

Tuesday 2nd March 1:30pm, Wednesday 3rd March 7.30pm

Week 4: ‘A king after God’s heart’ 1 Samuel 16 v 1-13

Tuesday 9th March 1:30pm, Wednesday 10th March 7.30pm

Week 5: ‘Speaking honestly before God’ 1 Samuel 22

Tuesday 16th March 1:30pm, Wednesday 17th March 7.30pm

Week 6: Eternal Hope – Solomon and Wisdom, 1 Kings 10 v 1-9 and 11 v 1-11

Tuesday 23rd March 1:30pm, Wednesday 24th March 7.30pm

Week 7: ‘There is always hope’, Isaiah 35 v 1-10 and Ezekiel 37 v 11-14

Tuesday 30th of March 1:30pm, Wednesday 31st March 7.30pm

Worship during the pandemic

Coronavirus wont stop us worshipping. We are using new styles and means of worship whilst we can’t be together in a building. Worship is more than just what happens on a Sunday. Our lives as Jesus’ disciples are at all times an act of worship, reflecting and giving thanks for his incredible, boundless love for all of us.

The government has said that we can reopen for worship but we will be taking our time to get all arrangements in place to welcome everyone safely. The church is continuing, as we have done throughout to serve, to worship, to love and to pray for our community.